Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jack is 4!

Jack is FOUR! How did that happen? Over the last year he has grown so much in all sorts of ways. He has lost the last traces of babyness in his face, and he is so independent and thoughtful. Naps have been history for about two months, and he can (but never wants to) dress himself. Oh and also, he can find his way around the ipad better than I can.

We held his birthday party at Renaissance Gymnastics Academy. It was seriously the easiest party to throw. I had no stress at all about having 15 of Jack's friends at the party to celebrate. The folks at the gym took care of everything. Balloons, goodie bags, juice boxes, invitations, plates and napkins. The only thing we brought were the cupcakes and food for lunch (we had pizza delivered). EASY. The best part was that the kids had a blast and Jack was so happy.

It took Jack a little while to warm up to the idea, but he eventually put his brave face on and our cautious boy held onto the bar and jumped into the block pit!

Wyatt even got in on the fun.

Jack and Maia.

I loved seeing all of the smiles.

Make a wish!

I just looked back to Jack's 3rd birthday post. He's wearing the exact same shirt. Only the fit was much better. 

And for the fun of it, here's a look at his 2nd birthday post. Wyatt reminds me so much of him here. 

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  1. these are such great pics -- going back to Jack's second was fun--thanks:)


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