Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wyatt's 10 and 11 month updates

Let me just dust the cob webs off this place before I get started...

My excuse is that we've been busy over the last month. For the first half of July we were in Washington visiting Grandma and Grandpa (more on that later, I still have to go through hundreds of pictures from our trip). And since we've been back, Wyatt's been on a sleep strike, so it's been hard getting chunks of time to focus on this space of mine.  

I really want to get Wyatt's 10 and 11 month updates down (this is his baby book after all), since the details are already starting to run together. (It's crazy how quickly that happens.)

In his tenth month he mastered crawling, got lots of new teeth (including a molar), figured out how to clap his hands together and flew on an airplane for the first time. I also tried really hard to get him down to only one nursing a night and before we left for Washington, he was doing great. He (and Jack) adjusted so well to west coast time and had no problem sleeping or napping while we were there. It was coming home and getting back on east coast time that was brutal for them both and Wyatt is still not back to his old sleeping habits.

At 11 months, while we were in Washington, Wyatt started to eat pretty much 100% table food. Anything we put in front of him, he'll eat. Well, except for bananas...he still won't touch those. Last night we had steak tips and asparagus and I could not cut up the pieces fast enough for him. He loved it. I only hope that his eating habits continue through toddlerhood and beyond. Also, he dances and it's adorable. Anytime there is music or even a sound with a beat, he smiles and rocks. 

He can climb stairs and he crawls incredibly fast. I really think he'll be walking soon. As far as sleeping goes, well there's not much of that happening. Since we've been back from WA, he's only been taking one, short nap a day and getting him to sleep, especially when he wakes in the night, has been so difficult. All of a sudden he needs rocking and back rubbing on top of nursing. Some nights, it takes hours for him to fall asleep.

He is such a sweet boy, full of energy and curiosity. I can not believe that he is going to be one this month!!

Here are some iphone pictures of some of the milestones he's reached:

His first Flight. (Boston to Dallas, on the way to Seattle)

He loves vegetables!



  1. Nice to see you back! Goodness, he's getting so big.


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